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One of St. Pete and Tampa's most experienced business law firms.
Setup an LLC or Corporation
Draft and negotiate contracts
Create a partnership agreement for your business
Get help buying or selling your business
Navigate the legal requirements in your industry

    Specializing in both employment and business law, we bring
    peace of mind to the St. Petersburg business community.


    Drafting thorough contracts can mean the difference between winning or losing business.  Contracts are more than just pieces of paper.  Know what you are signing.

    Starting a Business

    Evaluating your business goals and needs will help determine the best business entity formation for optimal protection, tax, management and ownership structure.

    Business Protection

    Building proactive safeguards protects your business.  Independent Contractor Agreements, Nondisclosure Agreements, and Noncompetiton Agreements are just a few of our specialties.


    Taking on a partner is the single biggest decision a business owner can make.  Getting it wrong can end your business.  We can help you get it right.

    Employee Issues

    Hiring and firing employees is not easy.  With the right advice you can avoid problems and be prepared to defend your business if an employee files a claim.

    Employment Law Compliance

    Having the right documents, policies and procedures in place is your best insurance policy for protecting your business.

    What Our Clients Say

    Meredith is an experienced, attentive and brilliant attorney. When working with her, I felt like her most important client. She listened to my (many) questions, gave timely and thoughtful advice, and produced quality work. Immediately upon meeting her for the first time, I could tell that she was passionate about not only her legal work, but also her family and her community.

     – Laura Jo Lieffers, Attorney

    Gaunce Law was the perfect choice for me when establishing my small business. They helped me successfully renegotiate a restrictive non-compete agreement while also helping a first time owner through the steps of forming a small business. They were professional, available and had my best interests in mind.

     – Ashley Taliaferro, Owner

    I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Meredith and Andy over the past 5 years. Having an attorney that clearly understands the restaurant business makes it very easy to manage from day to day and continue to grow the company. They are always available to help with any and all issues that we encounter at the restaurants. We are very excited to continue working with the Gaunce Law group.

     – Zach Shultz, Owner & Chef

    Throughout our careers, we have helped countless entrepreneurs start, grow and sell their businesses. The companies that succeed take time to understand and comply with legal requirements from the start. It does not have to be difficult. At Gaunce Law, we take into account your budget and build a plan that maximizes the return on every dollar you invest in legal protections.
    andy headshot

    Andy Gaunce

    Andy is a business attorney who has spent his entire career making sure business owners and entrepreneurs have the necessary legal protections in place to maximize their growth and prosperity. Most recently he was a member of the Legal Department in a Fortune 500 company in Clearwater, Florida. Read More…

    meredith headshot

    Meredith Gaunce

    Meredith specializes in helping business owners understand how employment laws affect them and their businesses.  She has been practicing law for nearly a decade. Read More…

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